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dog walking and pet services

  Shiloh Pet services is A small business located in the Hudson Valley, NY that is
Devoted to Providing the best care options for you and your  beloved family of animals!

            .... two people on a mission to love!

from Daily walks to vacation plans...we've got you covered!
services range from Training, Group Socialization, pet sitting, walking, grooming and pet therapy! 

Healthy Routines are the key to animal Wellness! We offer daily check-ins, walks, Group hikes, playdates and GOOD OL' FASHIONED TLC to KEEP THE SOUL HAPPY!

We'll drive to you! Our coverage area spans Westchester county,PArts of conneticut and Putnam too!

I mean, hey...We are professional animal lovers, after all!
Check out our SErvices & see if there is something that works for you and your family!

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Serivice Update
Oh, the Times they are a' changin (and so are we)! The world has resumed business as usual and in toe, some of us, pet owner especially are heading towards A new daily routine. The team here at Shiloh is striving more than ever to adapt and provide a better standard of service.
 After being cooped up
(both people and animals)  
We aim to help your family get back to a reliable routine. We have updated our sanitation, cleaning, and distancing protocols to make sure everyone stays safe and your pets are still able to receive care during this time!

thank you for The ongoing support!

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Get in Touch

Let's chat up a sunny day! Connect with us through our chat portal on the website and one of our team members will message you back as soon as possible. We look forward to hearing about you and your 'pawfect' family ! ; )

Kind Regards,

Nadine and Christopher

Other methods of contact listed below!

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