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Shiloh Pet Services is based in the Hudson Valley, a beautiful area that is an animals lovers dream! There are so many parks, arboretums, preserves and hiking trails to keep busy with. It is a source of inspiration for us to keep things fun and exciting everyday! We l-o-v-e what we do! Shiloh is a small team of 2 people. We are Animal lovers, Professional dog handlers and Trainers constantly seeking to expand our knowledge base and pursue the industry standard of education. We both possess a diverse animal care background. We work with dogs young and old, rescues, pups with special needs and cats too! We also have experience in the animal husbandry fields. We have been farm hands, chicken keepers and horse aficionados! We do our best to include every animal, from all walks of life into our care. We are on a never-ending quest for untamed experiences and education to provide the absolute best care for all. Our practice in animal care and wellness has spanned from adoption centers, local shelters, doggie day-care's, upscale local boarding facilities, 1:1 training visits and most importantly our valued & lasting client relationships! Shiloh is all about the unconditional love for animals. We believe that an animal's spirit and happiness is a gift deserving of care and nurture! We are focused on healthy routines, reliability and flexible scheduling. Every animal & dog has different needs and you the owner have busy schedules! Our mission is to make every experience special and everyday full of new adventures.

Please contact us with any inquries!

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