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Our Services

check-in Visit 
our check-in Service is a great option for shorter visits (great opportunity for potty breaks, short walks, Mealtime, Medicine administration and good company, applicable to most animals)

Pack walk (based on availibilty)

Group hike in the woods, Park or sometimes the lake to go swimming! 
Includes pick-up and drop off.
(wanna socialize and make friends? join our pack walk!)

Destination Hike

we'll take a ride to the park for a hike in the woods, or tour around a local trail!

Animal Transport Service
need a ride? We can transport to and from a daycare facility,Vet visit, Training group, groomer or Doggie wash. We will carry on with whatever the day requires! 

Timed Walk
Yes, we provide a litany of walking services for you dog. Live in a neighborhood safe for walking? We can stop by and take your dog for a timed walk (based on your preference) and Trek around the neighborhood. They can sniff and do their business. They'll be taken GOOD CARE OF so you don't have to worry when you get home!

Have a friend in the area or met a buddy on one of our pack walks? we encourage frequent socialization! We can arrange and supervise a playdate at the home of choice.

Cat Care
change water, food, litter & LOVE

overnight sitting & Boarding:
Overnights are done at your own home, Multiple walks each day and of course a sleepover!
**Boarding is based on availability and will require a Meet and greet visit.

Daytime sitting:
Need us to stay for a few hours or more? Thats fine with us! We offer affordable  rates throughout the day.

Dog training session
We follow The industry standard for positive reinforcement and behavior modification Training.We can help with Basic Commands, Leash training, home boundaries and more.We focus overall on the animals wellness and will help create a positive and safe setting for you and your dog.

Pets & Farm Animals
Do you keep a coop, Have beloved goats, A flock of geese, horses or other pets? We have experience handling and caring for many kinds of animals. WE provide, exercise, feeding, clean-up and other care based duties.

don't see what you're looking for?

we will customize a service for ya!

custom Service

As pet owners ourselves, we know the challenge of boarding at kennels and busy Daycare facilities. Whether it's separation anxiety or social behavior there is always room to improve! staying home is a safe option with the correct supervision. We aim to tailor fit your animal companion's At home adventures with plenty of love, walks playtime and routined meal time!

Going Back to work?
we offer Transportation services

to and from 
your animals appointments, Daycare facility, vet visit, training session.
whatever the day requires, they'll be on board until safley back home!

Snacks, walks, play-dates, visits to the dog park, pack walks and adventure based hikes, all in a good days work!

didn't find us through a neighbor or friend recommendation? We offer references from our current clients so you can expeirence positive feedback from our community!

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